4 Window Installations Inspired by TV Shows

TV shows not only provide a lot of entertainment, but they also inspire us through fashion choices, music, and set design. A number of establishing shots for TV shows showcase the exterior of the home and you may find a lot of inspiration for the windows in your home.

Take a look back at some popular TV shows and how you can use window designs featured on the homes.

  1. Modern Family

The ABC sitcom Modern Family features a number of gorgeous houses, but the one with some of the more striking windows belongs to Gloria and Jay. The couple live in a very modern-styled home, which is located in Brentwood, California.

The windows used on the house are large picture windows, many of them with floor to ceiling design elements. The picture windows provide a ton of natural light and the windows are featured on every side of the home so each room has plenty of light.

The size of the ceilings in each room of your home will depend on how high your picture window installation can go, but the home provides a lot of inspiration if you are looking for bright and vibrant showcases of natural light.

  1. Full House

Thanks to the unique landscape of San Francisco and the classic opening titles, the house featured in Full House is one of the most infamous TV homes. The windows have a double-hung installation design with a custom arch at the top of each window.

The long vertical designs of each window adds to the striking visual appeal. The double hung option offers convenience when you want to open windows for warm weather and fresh air. The bottom windows of the home feature a Bay-styled design which goes outward and adds depth to the exterior look of the home.

  1. The O.C.

This FOX drama aired for several seasons and gave us a fun look at the rich and famous lifestyles found in Orange County, California. One of the main sets used for the show was the Cohen house, a mansion found in the Crystal Cove area of Newport Beach.

One of the first windows you will notice on the home is the striking circle top design which sits just above the front door. The installation of the window adds a nice elegance to the home and also provides a ton of natural light into the foyer and front rooms of the house.

The home features a large diversity of other window designs. Some of the bottom windows feature a fixed design where the square glass does not open or shut and provides a view to the outside world. The upper floors feature tall vertical arch shapes to match the aesthetic of the home design.

  1. Boy Meets World

If you seek out a more traditional home design, consider the house used in Boy Meets World. One side of the house features a large picture window with individual panes to create a patterned square design.

The opposite side of the home uses a double-hung window with pane designs that match the picture window. The double-hung window easily opens and a new installation of a double-hung window will provide multiple options for when you choose to open the windows for fresh air.

The upstairs windows of the home features smaller double hung windows adding natural light to the bedrooms inside the home. All of the windows feature the same pattern design to give the home a pleasing and comfortable aesthetic.

Contact us at Arch Design to learn more about window installations and window types. Our experts will use screenshots and clips of the TV houses you select to find similar designs for your home.

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