6 Signs Your Entry Door Needs to Be Replaced

People go in and out of your front door all the time. Every visitor and family member sweeps in and out of your entryway, and whenever you need to get the mail or run an errand, your door swings open and closed.

But doors don’t last forever, and after some time, they wear down and wear out. At what point should a front door be replaced? Below, we’ll address six signs that it’s time to get a new entry door.

1. Opening and Closing Difficulties

If you need to use your whole body to pull the door open, it’s time to get a new one. The door may be constantly expanding or contracting through extreme temperature changes, allowing cold or hot air in and out of the house. Weather may also affect the fit of your door, as prolonged exposure to rain and other elements can swell and warp the door over time and leave permanent damage.

2. Drafts

If you feel moving air while standing next to your closed door, or if you notice light filtering in around the door, replace it. Air is seeping in from the outdoors, lowering the efficiency of your home as your cooling and heating systems fight to keep your home the right temperature. New weather stripping can temporarily fix the problem, but it isn’t necessarily a cure-all.

Drafts can also indicate that your door is poorly insulated and inefficient, which can also lower your HVAC system’s effectiveness. Replacing your door with a properly fitted, insulated door can help you save money on utilities and keep your home at just the right temperature.

3. Floor Scraping

Along with warping, doors can start to sag as they age. When a door has drooped low enough, the bottom scrapes across the floor every time you open and close the door, ruining your beautiful flooring. It could be that the door just needs to be rehung from the hinges, but a door specialist can assess the situation and determine if you need to replace the door entirely.

4. Cracks

As a door expands and contracts through the seasons, it can slowly lose its tolerance for temperature changes. Cracks can form in the door, ruining its insulating effect and allowing pests indoors. As soon as you see cracks in your door, get a new one to prevent insect invasions and higher utility bills.

Also note that cracks can also affect the door’s integrity, creating a safety issue for your home and family. Even with the deadbolt locked, someone could break down the door.

5. Surface Damage

Over the years, it’s inevitable that your front door will get a little abused. It can get dented and scratched, tarnishing the overall beauty of the door. While a scraped-up door may be more of a visual concern than anything else, it can lower the curb appeal of your home and leave a poor impression on your visitors.

Instead of enduring a scuffed and damaged entrance, replace your door. And to keep your door from getting used and abused too quickly, invest in a durable, strong new door.

6. Outdated Appearance

If your door looks like something from the distant past, you may want to replace it to give your home a bit of a facelift. Getting an updated entry door can boost your home’s curb appeal and improve its resale value. Once you update the door, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for another several years.

When you need your door replaced, contact Arch Design Window and Door Company. We provide a variety of entry door options, and once you make your choice, our friendly team can install your new door with high quality, dependable service. 

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