Choosing Windows That Let More Sunshine In

Windows serve several purposes. They open to let in air, and they’re also intended to let sunlight into your home. If your home has been feeling a little dark and dreary, then you want to make sure your replacement windows let in as much light as possible. Here are five tips to help you choose windows that really let the sun stream in.

1. Opt for a Full-Window Replacement

If your window frames are still in good shape, then you may be tempted to have your windows replaced with inserts. In other words, the window replacement company will just remove your window sashes and place a new insert window inside the existing frame.

Window inserts are cheaper than a full-frame window replacement in which the frame and window sash are both replaced. However, inserts introduce more sash material to your window, resulting in less glass space and therefore less sunlight. If your goal is to let in as much sun as possible, a full-frame window replacement is a better choice.

2. Choose Fibrex Sashes and Frames

There are many window material choices, like wood, vinyl, and composite. Each has its merits, but if your goal is to maximize sunlight, then Fibrex is the best choice. Made from wood fibers and a plastic matrix, Fibrex is stronger than wood or vinyl, so sashes and frames made from Fibrex are a bit thinner. This leaves more glass exposed in each window.

3. Consider Installing a Bay Window

If you have a particular room that gets dark at a certain time of day, consider replacing one of your windows with a bay window. Since a bay window projects from the wall and features several window panes at varying angles, it captures sunlight from multiple directions.

Most people think of bay windows as stretching from floor to ceiling, but there are also half-height bay windows that start halfway up the wall and are great for kitchens and small rooms. If you do not want to do extensive work to your floor to accommodate a bay window, a half-height window may be a good choice.

4. Consider Installing a Picture Window

If your window is properly placed to capture the sun but you feel like it does not quite capture enough light, then perhaps a picture window is right for you.

Picture windows are just large, fixed windows designed to be the focal point of a room. A window installation company can generally expand a current window opening to accommodate a larger picture window without making a lot of changes to the floor or wall as they would with a bay window.

5. Choose Low-E Windows Over Tinted Windows

Some homeowners choose tinted windows with the hope that the tint will keep the heat out and lower their energy bills. The problem is that the tint also blocks the beautiful sunshine. If you want to enjoy both energy-efficiency and natural sunlight, you’re better off with low-E windows rather than tinted windows.

Low-E windows have been coated in a very thin layer of metal. This does not change the look of the glass, but it does cause the glass to reflect heat waves rather than allowing them to pass through. Visible light, however, continues to pass through the glass. Low-E windows can save you a bundle on energy in the summer and the winter, but they won’t turn your home into a dark cave.

Natural sunlight makes your decor look brighter and even boosts your mood. Follow the tips above, and your replacement windows will let in plenty of sunlight. Contact Arch Design to learn more about your replacement window options, or stop by our showroom to explore our designs in person.

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