Holiday Celebrations and the Advantages of French Hinged Patio Doors

The holidays are often a unique time of year for many homes. There is a lot more cooking, many guests visiting the home and unique celebrations for everyone involved. If you love to host for the holidays, then you want to ensure your home is welcoming and accommodating to all of these changes.

The kitchen is naturally a main hub for all the festivities and this is why it’s important to have an open and free moving area. The installation of French hinged patio doors can really help with this process. Not only are these doors convenient through the rest of the year, but there are clear advantages of using them during the holiday season.

Guest Arrivals and Departures

One of the main advantages of the use of French hinged doors is the ability for them to open double-wide. In a typical installation, two doors are placed side by side and can swing both outwards and inwards as needed. As you prepare for the arrival of guests, the versatility of the doors can really make things functional and easy. With both doors wide open, guests can easily enter and exit the home.

This makes it especially helpful when carrying luggage, holiday gifts and other items needed for the visits. You do not need to worry about scuff marks on door frames or troubles with people arriving. When the entry is in the kitchen, it makes it easy to clean up any dirt or debris dragged into the house. The dirt can be swept right out the open French doors and into the patio area.

You also have the option of placing a large outdoor floor mat on the exterior of the doors. The oversized mat makes it easier to pick-up excess dirt, mud or any winter-related debris.

Holiday Cooking

During the holidays, you may notice that you are cooking a lot more. There’s festive feasts like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners along with a number of baked desserts between the holidays. When you’re using multiple cooking elements, you may find your kitchen is hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. When the weather is nice out, you can really air out the kitchen from steam, smoke and the humidity.

Even if you have oven vents, they don’t have the same effect as French doors have. Every time you open the oven to remove cookies, meats or various side dishes, you fill the kitchen with a lot of heat. The intensity of the heat can increase when more bodies are located in the kitchen. Opening the doors allows the fresh air to reach your kitchen in a matter of seconds.

If the kitchen is connected to a covered porch or some type of sun room, then the French doors serve even more functionality. With the doors open, the room will feel expanded and can accommodate more people at one time. Extra dining or serving can be made available in the connected area and help prevent your home from being over crowded.

Holiday Decorating and Seasonal Views

The installation of French doors in your kitchen gives you a whole canvas to decorate for the holiday season. These doors typically feature glass panels from top to bottom on the door. This can be used to hang traditional holiday decorations like wreaths, Santa Claus or small floral arrangements. The glass windows also have a number of decorating options. For example, you can frost the corners of the windows to make it look like a winter wonderland. Window clings also work well as great holiday decorations.

The large windows to the outside not only let a lot of natural light into the kitchen, but it can offer great views of beautiful snowstorms and snow-covered landscapes.

Our expert technicians at Arch Design can help you plan and choose the best French doors for your kitchen needs.

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