Worried About Shattering French Doors? How to Protect Them

As a homeowner, you may have opted to install French doors because you admired their elegance. You might also thought of the light and Old World charm they’d add to your home’s interior. Hopefully, after you install the doors, you couldn’t be more pleased with how they look. That being said, you realize that looks aren’t everything, and French doors have a weakness that many other doors don’t-they have large glass panes that could shatter if a baseball or piece of flying debris hits them. Additionally, French doors could entice burglars who want an easy target. But even though French doors can come with these extra risks, you don’t have to give up on adding this door style to your home. Get the best of both worlds by using the tips below to make your French doors just as safe as any other doors on the market.

1. Install Storm Shutters Over All Exposed Glass Surfaces

When you think of storm shutters, you might think of Southern states that frequently experience hurricanes. Your Ohio home might not weather hurricanes, but it does experience the occasional gale, hailstorm, snowstorm, or tropical storm, and these weather phenomena can send debris flying into your French doors as well. Additionally, you might assume that most storm shutters come in plywood, so you’ll have to have a rough, homemade-looking piece of wood across the glass in your door. Not so-you can buy professional storm shutters that will help your home look great and keep your French doors safe while storms rage or while your family members work or play outside.

2. Put Mesh Covers or Plastic Window Films Over the Glass to Deter Burglars

Shutters might not necessarily keep burglars at bay, particularly if those shutters are outside the French door to protect the glass. In this case, you’ll need another feature to hold the glass together or keep criminals from accessing your home. Install mesh covers or plastic window films so that even if the glass breaks, burglars won’t get inside. Plastic window films are virtually invisible, so they won’t interfere with the French doors’ aesthetic. Wire meshes, on the other hand, may change your doors’ appearance depending on the type of mesh you choose. You can use sturdy but delicate-looking meshes that make your doors seem even more Old World, or you can use stronger, thicker meshes to add an imposing element to your entryway.

3. Purchase a Storm Door, Screen Door, or Awning

A storm or screen door adds an extra layer of protection against burglars and flying debris. However, these extra protective measures do completely transform your entryway’s aesthetic. If you don’t mind blocking your lovely French door with a storm or screen one, add one of these extra doors. However, if you do want to preserve your French doors as the centerpieces of your entryway, opt for an awning instead. Awnings do not deter burglars, but they do keep rain and falling debris away from your doors, which means you won’t have to worry about water damage or heavy impact damage.

4. Put Hurricane-Rated Glass in Your French Doors

You wouldn’t have to worry about aesthetics or protective measures if you bought glass that wouldn’t shatter in the first place. Talk to your door contractor about hurricane-grade glass, security glass, or similar options. These types of glass will keep burglars, sporting accidents, and the elements at bay with ease. When you have French doors, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice looks for security. Use the tips above to make your French entry doors just as secure as any other doors on the market. Talk to the door contractors at Arch Design if you have further questions.