3 Steps to Achieve an Optimal View From Your Windows

The mountains. The trees. The blue sky. Whatever view greets you outside your home, you want to take it all in. Unfortunately, the current view through your windows is less than ideal.

Here are a few steps you can take to improve that view.

1. Get the Right Type of Window

If you’re considering installing a new window, choose a window type that promises great views. The following options offer excellent views.

Picture Windows

These are built primarily with the view in mind. They typically cover an entire wall and are larger than other window types. Also, they have no frames, parts, or pieces blocking the glass, which offers an unobstructed view.

Casement and Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows swing open rather than slide open. This means that unlike sliding windows, they are constructed of solid glass. Thus, they offer a clear view to the outdoors.


If you want a view of the sky, consider skylights. Whether you want to watch the sun stream into your home or you want to look at the night stars, you can achieve this view with a skylight.

Bow and Bay Windows

To get as close as possible to your outdoor view, invest in bow and bay windows. They project from the wall, creating additional floor space in your home.

Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows, you can raise both sections of the window for a full view. When you open your single hung window, only half the window opens.

Custom Windows

You could also opt for a custom window. These windows can be built to fit the dimensions you desire. Thus, you can choose custom windows as large as you want them to be to afford you with a decent view.

2. Choose the Right Window Treatment

Just as the type of window matters, the type of window treatment matters as well. Of course, any kind of window treatment can be opened during the day for the view and closed at night for privacy. But what if you want to enjoy the view and protect your privacy?

A cellular shade is ideal for a bathroom. It covers the bottom half of the window to protect your privacy, but it also keeps the top half open to provide you with a view.

Roller shades and semi-sheer fabric curtains or draperies are all good choices for other rooms in your home. They let in light even when they’re closed.

Curtains aren’t the best choice if view is your object. Even when open, curtains can block part of the window and obscure your view. Shutters and blinds are better options because they give you a complete view when they’re open.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Increase Window Height

If you’re planning to get a new window, get a window that’s tall enough to fit your entire wall space. Most standard windows are only six feet and eight inches tall, even though many ceilings are nine or ten feet high. If you have a taller ceiling, you have space for a taller window.

Also consider placing your window closer to the floor. Most windows are placed three feet above the floor to leave space for furniture. But if you’re not placing furniture next to the window, you can have the window placed closer to the ground. This will provide you with a complete floor-to-ceiling view of the great outdoors.

Having a good view from your window can help you feel more content. After all, you don’t need expensive artwork when you have a picturesque view right in front of you.


Follow these steps to ensure a great view from your home through your windows. If you need a new window, call Arch Design. We offer custom window options from leading brands.

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