4 Home Designs Inspired by Churches

No matter what type of faith or religion you practice, you cannot deny the architectural beauty of a church. Churches all over the world are known for their intricate designs, beautiful art, and the windows that adorn the buildings in multiple ways.

As you choose to upgrade windows in your own home, learn about some of your ideal window options inspired by churches. These types of windows may be used on multiple areas in the home and can add a unique view and style both inside and outside your home.

Window professionals will help with the installation and ensure the windows match your style and needs.

1. Arched Windows

Many churches are known for their large and dramatic arched windows. These windows typically feature a long vertical base that arches at the top and meets with a soft point.

You can feature this type of window in your home in multiple ways. Make the window a centerpiece of your exterior design by featuring the window in the direct center of your home.

You can also install multiple arched windows in a pattern on your home so the windows match well and look even.

The location of the window is ideal for main foyers, attics, or second story windows in the home. The higher the window installation sits, the more dramatic and elegant it looks with the long arch.

2. Stained Glass Windows

One of the more iconic looks of a church is the stained glass windows featured in several designs. Stained glass features a number of different colors tints and frosts usually formed into a pattern or as an image.

When light shines through the stained glass, it comes into the building and creates unique rays of light. In various sections of your home, you may choose to have a stained window installed.

The stained window can add a nice pop of color to your home. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the stained glass windows add some privacy options for the home. These windows are available in a number of shapes to fit into your current window frames.

3. Sky Windows

A number of churches have incorporated the use of sky windows or skylights to add some light into the church. The positioning of these windows is often done in a dramatic fashion. For example, beams of natural light may shine directly on the altar.

The use of sky windows on your home comes with several benefits. You will increase the natural light in the home, get great views of the sky, and have a better mood when you enjoy the sun throughout the day.

Sky windows are typically installed in the upper rooms of the home. In a two-story home, the windows are ideal for master bedrooms or bathrooms. The extra light will save you from having to use extra forms of artificial lights, like lamps.

4. Glass Block Windows

Another common window found on a variety of churches is the glass block window. Instead of using a single large panel, the glass block windows feature a number of small windows in the shape of a square. The block design of the glass adds a thickness to create extra protection.

In a traditional home, glass block windows work great for bathrooms or home offices. The natural light still shines through the opaque blocks while giving you plenty of privacy.

As you choose glass blocks, there are multiple textures and designs to choose from. A lot of churches use flat and smooth designs, but you have multiple patterns to select from.

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