The Differences Between Bay and Bow Windows

If you’re renovating your house or putting on an addition, you can install a beautiful bay or bow window. These windows change the appearance of the inside and outside of your home and give it a touch of luxury.

While bay and bow windows have a similar appearance, they are different in a few ways. Here’s how they differ and some tips for choosing the right one for your home.

Bay Window Have a Center Picture Window

A bay window is made of three sections. The middle is usually a picture window with a window on each side positioned at an angle. The side windows can open if you want, and you may want double-hung windows on the sides to be able to open them.

The configuration of a bay window causes it to protrude from the side of your house. This enhances your home’s appearance from the outside and creates more space inside.

Bow Windows Are a Row of Casement Windows

A bow window also protrudes from the side of your house, but a bow window has more of a curved appearance. These windows have four or more casement windows, depending on the size of the window you have installed. A bow window can be placed on the corner of your home for maximum light streaming from two sides.

The individual windows in a bow window may not open. If they do open, they usually open on hinges rather than slide up and down. Both bay and bow windows can be styled with grills for added décor, or they can be sleek with few obstructions of the beautiful view beyond.

Bay Windows Offer a Larger Seating Space

One advantage of a bay window is that it angles out farther from the side of your home and provides more interior space. This gives you plenty of room to build in a storage box and window seat. Another good thing about a bay window is the ability to put double-hung windows on the sides.

Double-hung windows are easy to clean because they tilt inside. You can also lower the top to let in a breeze and keep the bottom windows closed. This prevents kids and pets from damaging a screen or escaping through an open bottom window when they play on the window seat.

A bay window is also a good choice when you want the best view of a nature scene from your home through the large center picture window.

Bow Windows Let in More Light

You can buy both windows in various sizes, but the bow windows tend to let in the most light. They have multiple windows in a row, so bow windows are typically wider than bay windows. If natural lighting is your goal, a bow window could be the best choice.

Bow windows don’t project as far away from your house because they have a gentler curve, which could be an important consideration if you don’t have room for a bay window. Rather than a large window seat on the inside, bow windows tend to have a shelf that can hold items like pretty pillows or candles.

Both types of windows are beautiful, and either one is a good choice. You might choose a bay window if you want the extra space and window seating. If you want the most light without taking up too much space, then a bow window might be more to your liking.

Call Arch Design for advice on choosing the perfect new window for your renovation or addition. We install all window styles and we’ll help you achieve your goals for appearance and natural lighting.

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