4 Reasons Why Replacing Your Home’s Windows Is a Wise Financial Decision

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, you may be concerned that the costs could outweigh the benefits. However, although replacing windows can seem like a daunting and expensive task, doing so can prove to be a sound financial investment. Here are four reasons why replacing your windows is a wise financial decision.

1. They Add Value to Your Home

Getting new windows can restore your house to its former beauty and give the entire façade a much-needed facelift. New windows can enhance views, keep exterior noise from entering your home, and bring in more light, which are all attractive and marketable features in modern property sales. Although some new windows can be expensive, market research shows that your capital investment in replacement windows is almost entirely returned in added value. They also widen the demographic appeal when it’s time to sell, since many potential buyers see old windows that require replacing as a liability that they don’t want to deal with.

2. They Are More Energy Efficient

Replacement windows can mean you spend less on heating and cooling. By installing energy-efficient windows in your home, you can reduce energy costs significantly. Over time, the windows will pay for themselves through lower electricity bills. Understanding the energy performance ratings of windows will help you choose the right energy-efficient windows based on your climate. The type of window, the way the window is oriented, and the size of the glass all contribute to minimizing heat loss in winter and minimizing heat gain in summer. Windows should be positioned to collect solar heat during the day through the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. Overhangs and other shading strategies can help to prevent extreme heat gain during the summer months. To perform correctly, lower your bills, and guarantee energy efficiency, the windows need to be properly sealed, which is best left to a professional.

3. They Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance on old windows can be tiresome, time-consuming, and costly.  However, with replacement windows, you will not have to worry about greasing hinges, maintaining seals, or repainting frames. Modern window frames are made of highly durable materials that resist the environmental damage that plagues older windows. Modern materials are manufactured to prevent the need for regular sealing, coating, or painting, making them virtually maintenance-free.

4. They Increase Your Home’s Security

Like most homeowners, having a safe and secure home is probably one of your top priorities. Windows can be a home’s most vulnerable entry point, and replacement windows can help to make your home a less appealing target for burglars and intruders.

Even if you have home insurance to cover the replacement cost of stolen of possessions and property damage, you may have to pay a hefty excess when you make a claim. Installing highly secure replacement windows may actually lower your insurance premium and reduce the excess amount.  Modern windows utilize safety features such as laminated glass, toughened glass, and heavy-duty window locks, which can all enhance the security of your windows.

Screens that are reinforced with metal also provide both a visual and physical deterrent to would-be thieves, particularly on ground level windows with street access. Windows are a vital part of any home. They are your home’s eyes to the world, and a fundamental part of creating a well-ventilated, climate-controlled, secure, and pleasant home environment for you and your loved ones. Investing in replacement windows is not only a sound financial investment, it’s also an investment in the quality of life that your home provides. 

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