4 Ways New Windows Can Improve Your Home’s Value

You know that home upgrades in general can boost your house’s overall value, but new window installs have their own list of benefits. From security to energy efficiency, new windows can make your home more valuable than ever while also providing excellent qualities you can enjoy until you choose to sell or re-finance. Discover four great ways this non-invasive install upgrade can give your home the monetary and personal value you are looking for.


New windows with keyed locks are difficult to break into. You can also have other security measures added to your new windows, such as a film that reinforces common entry windows (basement and bedroom windows, for example), making them harder to shatter. For children’s rooms, you can have windows installed that have permanent security screens placed on them, making it difficult for intruders to get in and children to climb out.

When you choose security options for your new window install, you increase your home’s value by lowering the potential insurance premium costs for your house. You also benefit from having the added peace of mind from knowing that your home is more strongly protected. Potential home buyers will also be attracted to safety features, which can allow you to ask for a higher selling price than other homes without security windows.

Energy Efficiency

It is estimated that windows lose more heat in the winter and allow more heat in during the summer than any other part of the home. Since up to 20% of your home is taken up by window space, this adds up to a lot of energy loss. Installing new windows with double or triple panes or installing interior or exterior storm windows can help reduce energy loss dramatically. This allows you to save money, while adding value to your home for its energy-efficient qualities at the same time.

Greater Appraisal

When you get your home appraised to discover its current value so that you can list or re-finance it, you’d be surprised at the many things that can cause the value to go down. Your windows are key components in your home’s appraisal, and the sills, panes, and even design of your windows can affect the end results. Getting new windows gives you a greater overall appraisal rate.

Not only do new windows give your home a greater appraisal value, but they help your home “show” better when you are trying to sell it. Buyers often look for flaws in a home so they can haggle with the asking price, and windows are a common target. You can keep your asking price strong by being able to showcase beautiful new windows that are modern in design. Talk to your window install expert about different styles of windows you can place in your home based on your budget and the style of home you have.

Greater ROI

Some home upgrades are only as beneficial as the use you have for them, such as grandiose home offices or the addition of a sunroom. Others, like new windows, not only offer you real-time value, but they also give you a greater return on your investment. Expect to receive up to 70% back on your investment in new windows over the years.

Getting new windows is about so much more than simply making your home look and feel more modern. You can add value to your house in so many ways, just by doing this simple install. With Arch Design, you can accomplish your dreams of having stunning new windows no matter what your budget is. Contact our company for new windows and doors that will give your home the modern appeal you desire.

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