Need a New Front Door? Beautiful Options to Consider

Upgrading your front door to a new and contemporary style that better suits your home is a simple renovation that makes a huge impact. If you are ready to give your front entry the pizzazz it needs by installing a new wooden or steel door, consider these many options to fall in love with.

Painted Steel Door

A new steel door can greatly increase the value of your home based on the added security it gives to your property. A steel door with double insulation can give you over 100% of your investment back, which is a great motivator for an upgrade. Paint your new steel door with a stylish hue, such as:

  • Coral
  • Turquoise
  • Seagull gray
  • Navy
  • Copper

To add even more appeal to your new steel front door, add a bronze or copper knocker. Your door installation expert can help you choose among classic and contemporary knocker styles to make your door stand out even more.

Exotic Wood Door

If a wood door is more your style, you can explore more exotic lumber to give your door a unique appeal. If you love the knotted look of wood, then opt for a Knotty Alder. For natural grain wood, Sapele Mahogany and Red Oak are excellent choices. If you enjoy a lighter-hued wood door for its soft appeal, then Bamboo or White Oak are excellent choices.

Before choosing an exotic wood for your new door, explore your many options. Imported woods, such as African Black Wood or Sandalwood, are often pricier than domestic varieties, so keep this in mind as you shop for your new wood door with exotic materials.

Elegant Glass Door

A glass door can open up your entryway and give your home a welcoming, classic appeal. There are many glass styles to choose from to suit your personality and your home’s modern design. A few glass door options to install include:

Etched Glass

Etched glass is glass with designs imprinted into the pane with a laser. Etching can be simple as a border near the frame or as complex as a floral or leafy design.

Frosted Glass

If you want a glass front door while still obtaining your privacy, frosted glass is a wise choice. You can allow light into your entryway without making the interior of your home visible to the outside world.

Stained Glass

Ethereal and colorful, stained glass throws splashes of color on your interior and exterior walls when the sun hits the pane just right. This is a beautiful glass option with limitless designs you can have customized just for your home.

Beveled Glass

Contemporary and alluring, beveled glass is a textured glass style that can be placed in wood or steel doors. Bubbles, swirls, or circles create the solid piece for a striking effect from both outside and inside your home.

Talk to your door installation contractor about the best type of glass door for your home based on your budget, your privacy needs, and your home’s current design. If you are choosing an artisan glass door handcrafted just for your needs, allow for completion time to receive your new door.

There are many ways you can upgrade your home’s exterior simply by getting a new front door. When you decide what type of door you want, your professional door installer can have it placed for you so you can enjoy your new front entry look right away.

With Arch Design, you can give your home the fresh appeal it needs by working with our professional crew of door and window experts. We can help you shop for your new front door so you can feel confident in your decision.

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