5 Ways to Remodel Your Windows and Doors

When you think of remodeling your home, you may envision a big project such as a kitchen or bathroom overhaul. While such projects are a possibility, perhaps your home needs more of a makeover than a gutting job. If that’s the case, remodeling your doors and windows might be the way to go. Below are some ways you can remodel your windows and doors with relative ease.

1. Replace the Door

A small move that returns big is replacing the door with a new one. This idea works with both internal and external doors.

If you’re thinking of replacing your exterior door, consider updating the color. For instance, many homeowners choose brightly-colored doors to draw attention to their house. Conversely, you could opt for a new style, such as Craftsman or even Dutch doors.

When replacing interior doors, try getting creative. Look into glass-paneled French doors for an open look. Conversely, you could replace a plain door with one that features trim. Don’t overlook how much just changing the hardware can impact the door’s appeal, too.

2. Try a Pocket or Paneled Door

In that vein, you could try a whole new door style for the interior, too. Two styles have become increasingly popular — pocket and panel doors.

A paneled door can resemble a barn door. It consists of the paneled door — you can choose from different styles, but many homeowners opt for rustic. To achieve this look, the homeowners affix the door to the wall with a system of stiles and rails. You move the door by operating it along the rail.

A pocket door also moves side-to-side. However, these doors slide into the wall via an internal rail. Both styles of doors work well when floor clearance is an issue.

3. Add Transom Windows

Adding transom windows is a bit more of a project, but it’s one with a major return. Transom windows are located above another window or a door. They get their name from the transom, or the horizontal beam set above a window or door.

Transom windows have many benefits, but the main one is the amount of light they allow inside. They also do a good job of opening up tall walls. Transom windows come in different shapes beyond the classic rectangle, including half-circle and trapezoid. You can also cluster a group of them for specific effects, such as flanking a pentagon window with trapezoids.

4. Incorporate Sidelight Windows

Another way to open up the façade of your house is by adding sidelight windows. These windows reside on either side of the front door. Sidelight windows are tall and narrow, though you do find some wider versions. They also feature a similar amount of framing as the door. You often see them incorporated with a transom window above the door.

When designing your door with sidelights, the goal is to create a cohesive look. That rationale is the reason you often see more framing with sidelights than with other window styles. Likewise, echo patterns in the door with the sidelights. For instance, if your door features multiple panes of glass, consider choosing sidelights composed of stacking squares or rectangles instead of a single pane.

5. Attach Grills to the Windows

Along those same lines, a popular style of window features multiple panes of glass. With this style, the window is composed of smaller panes of glass held together with muntins. If you’re replacing your whole window, consider this style for added patterning.

However, even if you’re not replacing your whole window, you can simulate the look of muntins with window grills. These additions consist of a grill made of plastic, vinyl, or metal. They’re attached to the interior of the window with screws. They simulate the look of multi-paned windows. You can even choose elaborate designs.

Before you embark on a major house overhaul, consider the aesthetic benefits of remodeling your doors and windows first. Arch Design can help you design and implement your vision.

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