6 Reasons Casement Windows Are Perfect For an Upstairs Apartment

If you rent out an upstairs apartment that is in need of new windows, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which window style to choose. Double-hung, awning, sliding, and fixed windows have pros and cons — but casement windows have some particular advantages when used on a second-story (or higher) floor.

1. Great Ventilation

Since heat travels upwards, second-story apartments can get very warm during the summer months, and many tenants may prefer a downstairs apartment for this reason. But, you can draw new tenants to your upstairs apartment with casement windows. With better ventilation, your tenants won’t have to turn on the air conditioning whenever it’s above 70 degrees outside.

Casement windows open wide, allowing for more ventilation than most other types of windows. The window swings outwards like a door, so when it’s open, it helps funnel air into the apartment. Tenants will be able to keep their apartment cool and well ventilated without having to use the air conditioning continuously, which will keep their energy bills under control.

2. Energy Efficiency

When the apartment is vacant, you want it to utilize as little energy as possible to keep your bills down. Tenants also look for energy-efficient apartments, as they don’t want to pay more than necessary for electricity and gas.

Casement windows lock into their frames tightly, so very little air leaks through. In fact, they are the most efficient type of window that actually opens. Include mention of the casement windows in your rental ads, and you’ll have an easier time finding tenants who are seeking out efficient apartments. You may even be able to raise the rent due to the apartment’s improved efficiency.

3. Don’t Create Exterior Obstructions

When used in a first-floor apartment, casement windows can create an obstruction on the patio or in the yard when they are open. This is not an issue with an upstairs apartment. The windows can swing open freely without getting in the way, since the ground is far below. This advantage makes an upstairs apartment the perfect place to enjoy the unique benefits of a casement window.

4. Easy to Open Design

Chances are, you will have various renters in your apartment over the years who have varying levels of strength. Some may have trouble opening double-hung windows, which require you to apply a lot of pressure to lift or push the window pane. Casement windows open with a little crank. This design removes the struggle many other window designs present.

5. Very Secure

A break-in could happen to anyone, but if it happens at your property, your homeowner’s insurance rates will increase and make the apartment less appealing to future tenants. Because casement windows hinge open from the inside, they are really hard to use as a forced entry point. This design feature makes them a more secure choice over other window styles like double-hung and sliding windows.

6. Come in a Range of Sizes

Upstairs apartments often feature a number of window sizes, especially if the upstairs apartment is built into what was once the attic. There may be a small window in the bathroom and larger ones in the bedroom, for example. Casement windows can be made in a range of sizes, so all of the windows can match. Matching windows make the apartment look well-decorated and stylish, which will help attract tenants.

Casement windows are a good choice for many homes, but for upstairs apartment homes in particular. To learn more about this type of window or to explore specific style options for your home, contact Arch Design Window & Door Co.

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