Specialty Windows to Spruce Up Your Home

The traditional square or rectangular window is functional and familiar, and it gets the job done. However, sometimes you want to add a distinct trait to your home that conventional windows simply cannot deliver.

Specialty windows deviate from the norm, coming in different shapes and designs to give your home a truly inspired feel. Shaped windows not only serve a decorative purpose; they can also be functional, allowing you to save space and maximize on natural light.

If you are looking for replacement windows that tell a story, here are a few ideas to consider.

Triangular Windows

Triangle-shaped windows date as far back as the 1700s and were a popular sighting in schools, churches, and hospitals. Today, triangle windows are a fixture of the modern home and can easily complement the exterior appearance of any contemporary home.

Triangle windows are ideal for living rooms. Usually placed towards the roof, these windows let in plenty of light from atop, which helps to illuminate large spaces and corridors.

These windows do not have the typical accessories, including handles and hinges, and therefore work perfectly as decorative pieces. The windows can be in the shape of a full triangle or a right-angled triangle, depending on the home’s spatial constraints.

Circular Windows

Circular windows are not very common, making them even more appealing as replacement or new-build windows. Admittedly, finding suitable treatments for round-shaped windows requires a lot of creativity.

On the upside, circular windows let you maximize space and, compared to other types of windows, they are relatively easy and affordable to add. Given that part of the window folds outwardly, circular windows are an excellent choice if you have limited interior space.

Consider installing circular windows in dark and cramped areas that may not have enough space to accommodate a standard rectangular or square window. While some windows look better in certain rooms, circular windows can work with any room in the house.

Arched Windows

When you visualize arched windows, what likely comes to mind is Ancient Roman history. While the arched window does have a long and rich history spanning many centuries, this window shape is a popular choice in modern homes.

Arched windows commonly perch atop doors or standard windows. The attic area is also a popular location for installing an arched window. Fan-shaped arch windows let you enjoy extra security.

Installed alone, arched windows can add warmth and a sense of hospitality to a building. Because these types of windows are typically large, they are an excellent choice if you are looking to bring more light into your living space or any room in the home.

You can use arched windows alone or, for added aesthetic appeal, combine these windows with other styles. A well-liked trend among homeowners is installing arched windows on top of standard windows. This is an affordable and effective way to add character to simple rectangular or square windows.

Eyebrow Windows

If you are wondering how to transform your bland rectilinear roof into something more aesthetically appealing, consider an eyebrow window. These windows bear the hallmarks of medieval history but continue to be a creative way to let in light and air while adding character to a home’s top floor space.

Eyebrow windows are comparably easier to install in new-build homes. Installation of eyebrow replacement windows can be quite involved, requiring careful sizing and framing, which you should leave to a window installation specialist.

Whether you are gearing up for a home renovation project or you are building a new home, investing in specialty windows will pay for itself in improved home value, superior curb appeal, and ultimate comfort for you and your family.

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