Double-Hung Windows: Simple but Stylish for a New Home

Anyone looking to build a new house needs to pay special attention to their windows. Options like double-hung windows contribute to a home’s overall fashion in a multitude of ways. Therefore, individuals building a new home should understand what this option has to offer their home, including the many operational benefits this type of window provides.


Double-Hung Windows Remain a Popular Option

Individuals looking for great windows often turn to double-hung styles. In fact, their popularity across the country is well-known by most window experts. These windows are popular for a variety of reasons, including the divider-based design that makes them adaptable to many needs.

This basic design allows homeowners to pull one half of the window up and another half down. These spring-mounted panes will then stay open without having to place a stick or anything else under the glass. As a result, homeowners can let in cool and fresh air without worrying about the window falling.


Double-Hung Windows Fit Most Types of Houses 

The simple style of double-hung windows makes them not only fashionable but adaptable to many types of homes. For example, an old-fashioned house fits with double-hung windows just as easily as a more modern one. Style adjustments, such as adding various blinds and sashes to the window, can improve its overall look in many ways.

Double-hung window frames are also easy to paint, color, and stain. Painting and staining wood frames not only helps to create diverse new styles but also protects the wood from wear.


Double-Hung Window Cleaning Is Simple

Window cleaning is one of the toughest tasks for homeowners to handle on their own. While cleaning the interior of most windows is easy to do, going outside to clean the exterior is more difficult. This difficulty increases when trying to clean windows on second or third stories, as ladders may be necessary for this process.

Thankfully, double-hung windows avoid this problem with their unique design. Just fold in the upper or lower half of the window to get access to the exterior glass. Wipe it down with an appropriate cleaner, paying particular attention to stains, and the window surface should be free of buildup.


Double-Hung Window Ventilation Is Smooth

During the summer, window ventilation is a critical way of staying cool and creating a flow of fresh air. Thankfully, double-hung windows provide an excellent way of improving a room’s air quality. When people open both halves of these windows, they create an inlet and outlet for air.

As a result, homeowners can place a fan in one half of the window to draw in fresh, cool air and a fan in another to blow out hotter and stagnant air. Achieving the same effect with other types of windows would require opening up two or more windows, which would decrease a room’s cooling efficiency.

Double-hung windows also fit air conditioners more easily than other types. For example, windows that slide from left to right don’t provide the airtight feel that is necessary for air conditioners. By contrast, double-hung windows can be pressed down onto the air conditioning unit to hold it firmly in place.


Double-Hung Windows Are Easy to Install 

Anyone who is interested in a high-quality double-hung window likely wants a model that is easy to install on their home. Thankfully, the popularity and simplicity of these options make them very easy for most types of professionals to fit on most homes.

Therefore, anyone interested in double-hung windows for a new home should contact us at Arch Design Window & Door Co. to learn more. Our professionals will inspect your home and find high-quality double-hung windows that work for your home’s unique style and appearance.

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