How to Clean Your Windows and Screens Effectively

Are your windows spotted and streaky even though you just cleaned them? Are there cobwebs in the window screens that seem like they’ve been there for years? It may seem hopeless, but restoring your windows to crystal clarity is actually simple.

In this blog, we go over how to clean your home’s windows and screens as effectively as possible.

Choose Your Cleaning Solution

If you can, buy commercial cleaning products made for cleaning glass. Choose solvents that are free of or low in ammonia. Or, if you prefer to make your own solution or you plan to dilute your cleaning products with water, first figure out if you have hard water. Due to the minerals in hard water, you’ll end up with streaking after you clean. Instead, use distilled water as part of your cleaning solution.

When making a homemade cleaning solution, mix your distilled water with household solvents like vinegar or dishwashing soap. Make sure that the solution isn’t too bubbly as suds leave streaks.

Gather Up Your Tools

In addition to your cleaning solution, you also need a few other tools to clean your windows and screens effectively. First, you’ll need something to wash the windows with. Your first instinct may be to use paper towels. However, paper towels not only can cause streaking and also leave behind lint. Use a microfiber cloth, newspaper, or coffee filters to wipe the windows down. For even better results, use a squeegee in addition to your other cleaning implement.

You’ll also need either a bucket to hold the cleaning solution or a spray bottle. You may also want gloves to wear while you clean, especially if you have sensitive skin or are using newspaper.

For cleaning your window screens, on the other hand, you need a water hose and a scrubbing brush to get the job done.

Use These Tips to Clean Your Windows

Now that you have your cleaning solution and your tools, you’re ready to start cleaning those windows. Remember, if your second story windows need cleaning on the outside, have someone spot you while you’re on the ladder. Avoid cleaning the outside of your second story windows if you can and have a professional perform this task instead.

If you use a cloth or sponge, dip it in the bucket full of your cleaning solution and wipe down the entire surface area of the window. Use a squeegee to remove the solution from the top of the window to the bottom. Wipe off the excess liquid off the squeegee before making another pass. Then, wipe any remaining solution off the glass with a cloth.

If you prefer newspaper or coffee filters, use a spray bottle to apply the solution and wipe the window down in either vertical or horizontal strokes. Try to wash your windows during a time of day when they aren’t in direct sunlight so the cleaning solution won’t dry and streak before you finish.

Take These Steps to Spruce Up Your Screens

To clean your window screens efficiently, you need to remove them from their positions and lay them on a tarp in the yard or on the driveway. Label all the hardware and screens so you can know what goes where when you return everything to its proper place.

Once all the screens are laid down, hose them off with a water hose on a low setting. This spritz gets rid of all the larger debris like dust, cobwebs, and dirt. Then, dip your scrubbing brush in your cleaning solution and scrub down the screen in small, gentle circles. Dip the brush back in the solution as often as necessary. Rinse and allow the screens to air dry.


Don’t suffer with an imperfect view any longer. Follow these easy steps to bring your windows and screens back to pristine condition. If your windows are too dirty or damaged, you can also contact Arch Design and have new windows installed.