7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Bay or Bow Window

Bow and bay windows add dimension to an otherwise flat surface. They often let more light into the room as well because they jut out of the house just enough. But they also give you a decorative opportunity that you wouldn’t get with other windows. Sure, other windows have sills, but bow and bay windows come with a wider, deeper surface with more room for accessories.

So how do you make the most of your bow or bay window? We have a few tips for you if you don’t know how to get started. Simply have a look at the points below, and let your imagination run wild.

1. Fill the Space With an Herb Garden

Because bay windows have so much more space and light, they create the perfect space for an herb garden. So, if you have any bow or bay windows in or near your kitchen, find some pots and set up your garden. Basil plants especially thrive in full sun and the heat that comes with it, but mint, rosemary, thyme, and cilantro will do well too. Just plant the herbs you use the most.

2. Add Pops of Color With Floral Arrangements

You don’t have to stick with herbs if you want to add a little nature to your windows. You can also plant your favorite flowers. Pay attention to which direction your window faces though, as the direction will change which flowers will thrive in that window. East- and west-facing windows need plants with full or partial sun, as long as structures or trees don’t overshadow those windows.

If you live in the north, south-facing windows will need full-sun plants, while north-facing windows can support blooms that need partial sun.

3. Enhance the Textures in the Room With a Succulent Garden

Maybe you don’t want the hassle of looking after plants, but you’d still like to add a pop of green to the window area. Succulents give you the perfect solution. They don’t require as much attention as other plants, but they still look decorative. Some even look more decorative than flowers or herbs because succulents can grow in unique symmetrical or spiraling patterns.

4. Give Your Family Photos Some Illumination

Again, bow and bay windows invite more light into the space, so if you have family photos that you’d like to draw attention to, you’re in luck. Put your family photos in the window and illuminate them with natural lighting. Natural light is ideal for looking at pictures, so you’ll ensure everyone has a clear view of you and your family. You’ll add charm to the room at the same time.

5. Display Personal Artwork

Anything that you want to draw attention to should go in your bay window. So, if you, your spouse/partner, or your children have personal artwork, such as sculptures or watercolor paintings, you should display them in your window. Again, you’ll add a little extra charm to the room that wouldn’t exist otherwise, and visitors will easily be able to admire your artistic ventures.

6. Arrange Glass and Sculpture Across the Space

Why not use the light in your bow window to cast splashes of color across the rest of the room? If you put glass sculpture or other transparent and translucent objects in the space, the light will shine through these objects and add a unique and quirky ambience to the room beyond. Glass objects that act as prisms will scatter rainbows around the room. Or you could simply use the space to display your favorite art pieces.

7. Set Up a Pet Bed or Toys

This option may seem a little unorthodox, but remember that nearly all pets like to sun themselves. Cats, dogs, lizards, and birds would adore an official spot in the bay window where they could soak up rays and look at the outdoors. So, set up their cage or bed there, and remember to include water and toys.


Now that you’ve installed your bow or bay windows, you can use them to enhance your home in ways no other windows can. Use the tips above to get started. And if you have any other questions, ask your window experts.