Match Your Patio Door and Decor With These 6 Inspiring Design Ideas

Your backyard garden parties are famous. The neighborhood shows up. The country club shows up. Your friends across town show up. Recently though, you’ve been eyeing your backyard and wanting to create a jaw-droppingly gorgeous space back there. You want a brilliant patio to entertain all of your guests, to relax with a lounge chair, and to have more intimate dinners with your family.

Most contractors won’t tell you, but a stunning patio decor starts with the right patio door. Here is how you can match your patio decor with your patio door and turn your backyard into the toast of the town.

1. Rustic Log Cabin With Andersen Frenchwood 400 Series Hinged Patio Doors

The lounging experience is just better in a rocking chair on a wooden back porch. If you love the idea of sipping iced tea and relaxing in an intimate setting, consider a log cabin style patio. Ask your contractor to install long wooden boards for flooring, overhanging eaves, and (if you can find them) old barn poles for your porch railing.

With a rustic-themed patio, you may choose to highlight natural-looking elements like wood paneling. Frenchwood Hinged Inswing Patio Doors feature pine, maple, and oak panels protected with urethane, which minimizes wear and tear on the wood.

2. Southern Tudor With Andersen A-Series Gliding Patio Door

Stone patios add a little Southern flare to your backyard. Add a brick facade for privacy, and create a small dining area surrounded by a flower garden.

To complete your patio’s Southern Tudor design, try Andersen’s A-Series Gliding Patio Doors with a lattice grille pattern. This energy efficient product line also offers you the opportunity to add in-glass art and natural wood interiors.

3. California Bungalow With Narroline Sliding Patio Door

Patios with a California Bungalow theme combine minimalist and Spanish-inspired decor. To achieve this look, lay down tri-colored rugs. Then, add comfortable wicker furniture, clay-potted succulents, and an outdoor firepit.

Bungalow-style patios often feature decorative architectural touches like perlogas. Because these elements draw your eye, it’s best to minimize how much you add to your patio to keep it from looking too busy. Instead, try installing sliding patio doors with black hardware finishes to achieve an air of modernity.

4. Beach House With Smooth-Star Fiberglass Patio Door

Nothing achieves a beach house theme for your patio more effectively than white wicker furniture and billowing white curtains on white-framed hinged patio doors.

Therma Tru Doors offers an exceptionally durable series of hinged fiberglass doors called the Smooth-Star Collection. With a clear grille, these sturdy, no-frills doors allow your guests to focus on the white-onwhite decor you’ve add to your patio as part of your beach house theme.  

5. New England Farmhouse With Colonial Grille Patio Door

Farmhouse-style patios are a separate seating area in the backyard, unattached from the house. Ask your contractor to embed stones around two garden plots, then decorate the space with Adirondack chairs.

As a throwback to your Northeastern farmhouse theme, choose hinged patio doors with a Colonial Grille. These doors feature six or eight panels in each window, giving your entryway a classic New England look.

6. Vintage Porch With Bold-Colored Eagle Hinged Patio Door

Midcentury modern decor has a beloved following of homeowners who relish the thought of scouring consignment shops for vintage patio furniture. If you love old-school decorations, this may be an easy DIY. If this sounds like you, try adding bold but basic colors to your growing collection of 1950s decor.

For example, Eagle Windows offers patio doors in 50 exterior colors, ranging from Fire Engine Red to Caribbean Blue to Maple Syrup. This eclectic color offering allows you to match the bold hues of your vintage porch to your patio door.

As you’re envisioning how your patio should look, review these decor ideas to keep you inspired. Remember to choose your new patio door wisely. It’s the entryway for your backyard, and everyone who heads to your new and exciting patio will need to pass through it. You want it to be the centerpiece of this outdoor living space, but you also want it to be highly functional.

To help you find the right patio door, visit the Arch Design Window and Door Company showroom. Our company supplies a wide variety of high-end patio doors to homeowners in Ohio, including each of the patio door options listed here. If you can’t make it to our showroom, browse our inventory of patio doors online.