You’ll Love These 3 Casement Window Advantages

Your current windows have long overstayed their welcome. You can barely crack open the windows to let in a fresh breeze. You consistently feel drafts around the frames. And you can’t look out the glass on some mornings due to condensation buildup between the panes.

But as you shop for new windows, you’ve discovered far more options than you anticipated. Should you make the swap to bay windows? Double hung? Picture windows? What about specialty windows or gliding windows?

While all of these options offer their own unique advantages, take a few moments to consider the casement window. Though these windows seem basic at first, you’ll find that they offer plenty of benefits that will not only save you money but will also increase your safety.

1. You Can Fully Open the Window

Summers in Harrison, Ohio can quickly turn uncomfortable. As the temperatures rise above 90 degrees, you’ll understandably want to invite any cooling breezes into your home.

Unfortunately, some windows only open on one side, while other windows never open at all. If you want maximum ventilation, casement windows allow you to open them fully via an easy-to-operate hand crank at the window’s base. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about pushing your casement window out or reaching awkwardly to close it later.  

2. You Can Cut Utility Costs

According to the US Department of Energy, almost half of your utility costs consist of your heating and cooling. But if your windows are not energy efficient, your heated or conditioned air will escape right out the window, so to speak, and you’ll have to pay even more each month to stay comfortable.

Next to fixed windows, casement windows offer the most energy efficiency. When you close the window, the sash forms a tight seal around the entire frame, minimizing total air leakage and heat loss.

You can further lower your energy costs when you purchase casement windows with low-e glass. Low-e, or low-emissivity glass, features a special coating that filters out ultraviolet light and infrared energy. As a result, you’ll have less heat radiating through your windows during the summer and less heat escaping during the winter.

3. You Can Increase Your Home Security

Windows represent one of the most vulnerable entry points in your home. Some statistics estimate that nearly 30% of burglars gain entry into the home through unlocked windows and doors. As some windows only have latches rather than locks, a determined thief only needs to apply a little pressure to the sash to pry it up and pop open the latch.

Casement windows, however, offer a lot more security than your average window. Casement windows feature hook locks that embed directly into the frame. Additionally, you can only open the window through a hand crank, so you even if you keep the window open for ventilation, you don’t have to worry about a thief forcing his or her way in.

But if you want to take your home security a step further, you can easily purchase a chain lock for your casement window. These locks will further limit the distance the window will open. If you plan to leave for vacation, you can also invest in keyed locks that install along the sash rail. The locks will keep your window firmly in place, and you can take the key with you wherever you go.

Consider Casement Windows for Your Next Replacement

As you can see, casement windows make for a great replacement. As you shop, take a few extra minutes to envision casement windows in your home. If you love what you imagine, talk to a professional installer about fitting and installing your new casement windows.